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Power Racks from Fringe Sport

Let’s take a look at Power Racks from Fringe Sport. A power rack is the answer if you want to complete your home gym and make real physical gains. It is a fundamental piece of fitness equipment frequently used for barbell exercises. A power rack is also recognized as the power cage or squat cage that consists of a steel cage where you stand while exercising. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Power Racks from Fringe Sport – Overview Squatting is usually linked to power racks, but you can still do other different exercises harmlessly inside them. You can do calf raises, bench press, deadlift, shoulder shrugs, lunges, bicep curls, bent-over row, and many more. A power rack is a helpful tool that can automatically spot you while doing these movements. Power racks are normally seen in commercial gyms, but now, you can also include them in your home garage or even in tight […]

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Drop-In Dip Attachment for PR-4000 and PR-5000 Racks

Weighted dips are like the “squat for the upper body”. Not doing dips? Correct that quick with the Drop-In Dip Attachment for PR-4000 and PR-5000 Racks. The Drop-In Dip Attachment is a durable, easy-to-use attachment for your 4000 or 5000 series power rack. It is very durable, built from 11-gauge steel, and highlights a weight capacity of 810lbs. Works with the PR-5000 and PR-4000 Power Racks from Rep: Drop-In Dip Attachment for PR-4000 and PR-5000 Racks – Overview The Drop-In Dip Attachment for PR-4000 and PR-5000 Racks mounts as two individual elements to the left and right uprights, and the two-handle design lets you do dips in the center of the rack. This adds even more stability and allows you to use the dip attachment with the belt squat for weighted dips. The added secure “Double C-cup” design is as fast and straightforward as J-cups to mount on the uprights—just slide the pegs into the upright holes to change the […]

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Half Racks for your Garage Gym

Real hard core garage gyms need a power rack or squat rack. But a big rack with a huge footprint will take up too much room. A great option for the limited space of your garage is a half rack. A half rack is a kind of squat rack used for various exercises and helps you be proficient in front, back, hack, and sumo squats. Other types of squat racks include a full rack, power rack, incline rack, and more. But in this article, we will focus on the half rack. Save your precious garage gym floor space with any of these half racks: Half Racks for your Garage Gym – Overview A half rack is half the size of a full rack with posts secured to a solid base with no top. There is more flexibility when it comes to a half rack. A half rack also has adjustable J-cups like a full rack that enable you to set […]

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MyRack Power Rack from Force USA

Let’s look at the MyRack – a power rack from Force USA. Is your workout space limited and small? Do you have a lower ceiling height? Do you want a modular rack with plenty of options and functionality? Do you want to make an investment that won’t cause disappointment? The MyRack Power Rack from Force USA could be the answer to your questions. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: MyRack – Overview Force USA is known for making the best value strength equipment for home and light commercial use and has proudly established the benchmark for their variety of strength equipment worldwide. They’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years, producing exclusive designs for power racks and other strength training equipment. They have barbells, all-in-one trainers, leg machines, benches, attachments, bumpers and bands, power racks, and apparel. All these products and equipment are made to meet uncompromising quality standards implemented at every […]

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Rep Fitness Black Friday Sale 2022

Let’s take a look at Rep Fitness Black Friday Sale 2022 – This is by far the biggest sale for REP this year. If you’ve been waiting to level up your gym, now is the right time to get the gear that will crush your high score. Shop Black Friday deals at REP Fitness! They offer significant discounts on rack builders, bumper plates, adjustable weight benches, and more. Great gear – best money for the value – from REP: Rep Fitness Black Friday Sale 2022 – Overview Some of the best value fitness equipment are found at Rep Fitness. They produce well-built and expertly-designed equipment at a reasonable price. Their adjustable benches are some of the best in the market, and their power racks are also exceptional. Rep Fitness’ Black Friday Sale offers you a 10% discount on your whole cart with the purchase of a rack from November 1 to November 7. The Black Friday Sale is Rep’s biggest […]

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New Rep Rack Builder

No real garage gym is complete without a power rack. Get this essential gym equipment using the new Rep Rack Builder – this interactive web page will help you build the power rack of your dreams! Fitness equipment plays a vital role in the quality of your workout, and upgrading them is also part of your fitness progress. A power rack is one of those advanced pieces of equipment that offers versatility and even safety. It is a single piece of equipment you can build up or customize for a more versatile workout. Try the interactive (3-D!) Rep Rack Builder for any of these excellent power racks: Rep Rack Builder – Overview Power racks are specifically developed to lift heavy weights without breaking or warping. Power racks from Rep Fitness have a 1,000lbs rackable capacity and come with different attachments, so you can build up your rack however you want. It is crucial to workout in a safe setting, and […]

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Represent Rep Fitness

Let’s look at some super-sweet Rep Fitness branded training accessories. Rep Fitness is becoming one of the fastest-growing brands for garage gym equipment offering excellent fitness equipment and apparel at a reasonable price. Here are some training accessories from Rep that you might need in your next training. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Training Accessories – Overview Rep Fitness is growing fast, and with that energy comes the commitment to new and upgraded products. They manufacture equipment from power racks and rack accessories to weight benches, weightlifting, and conditioning. Now you can also embody Rep Fitness with its new line called “Represent”. Represent has training accessories and apparel that you can bring to the gym and show off your passion for fitness. Great for you and even better when you share it with your friends in the gym and family members who are also fitness enthusiasts. Rep Shaker Bottle If you are someone […]

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Force USA Weight Benches

Let’s review Weight Benches from Force USA. The weight bench is one of the most functional and practical health equipment in the gym. It is excellent equipment that enables you to raise heavy weights securely and allows you to move smoothly and efficiently while giving you the necessary support needed for your exercises. There are many kinds of weight benches; angled, flat, adjustable, and upright. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Weight Benches from Force USA – Overview You will be amazed by the unlimited number of exercises you can do while using a weight bench. Using dumbbells and a barbell can work every muscle in your upper body as well as your core and lower body, giving you a total body workout. Using weight benches can help target various aspects of your muscles and also provides stability, and keeps your posture straight. Using them makes it easier for you to access stiff and […]

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Invest in Home Gym Equipment – Gains Lost

Greatest regret in life? Not buying lots of Apple stock when it was $0.52 per share in 1997. But my second greatest regret is that I didn’t invest in proper gym equipment early on in my life. So, I’m here to tell you – your 20s and 30s will be your most productive age for your training and physical accomplishments. Don’t fritter them away by doing the wrong things, in the wrong places, with the wrong equipment. And even worse – don’t let time pass you by because you are too cheap, or “don’t know how.” Let me explain deeper. Get ready for an old guy rant… This is a tale of gains (gainz?) lost – or more accurately never to be had in the first place. Why Younger Is Better When you are young(er) your hormonal levels are better for training. You recover quicker – which means you can train more. You don’t have much “wear and tear” or […]

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Oxylus Yoke

Let’s take a look at the new Oxylus Yoke for strongman training. A yoke is a gigantic metal frame with a crossbar, and all four corners of the frame can be stacked with weight. There are different types of yoke, and others are not as versatile as the others. Take a look and see how the Oxylus Yoke is different from other yokes in terms of functionality. From the minds at Rep Fitness, get this essential strongman training equipment: Oxylus Yoke – Overview A classic piece of Strongman equipment, the Oxylus Yoke not only packs tons of multi-functionality in one frame but also comes with a REP twist—you can transform it into a squat rack, sled, and deadlift carry. It is assembled with a heavy-duty 3×3” 11-gauge steel frame that is bigger, heavier, and more powerful than other yokes. The yoke comes in two sizes: 77” and 92” tall. The 77” yoke alone weighs 230lbs with weight horns, and the […]