Reebok Nano 6000 Training Shoes quarter view front
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Reebok Nano 6000 for CrossFit

Get your sweat on in the box with these new Nano 6000 Training Shoes – they’ll be great for any CrossFit workout. The Nano 6000 from Reebok is designed to perform in or out of the gym, from rope climbs to downtime. It provides the support you need for all your activities all day long. These are based on the Reebok Nano X2, by the way. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nano 6000 Training Shoes – Overview Lifestyle and performance collide in the new Nano 6000 training shoe. It features a design stirred by Reebok’s archives as it integrates the performance-rich qualities of the famous Nano X2 with design factors embedded in Reebok’s lifestyle roots. Reebok designed the Nano 6000 to offer athletes a training shoe that looks great on the streets but still performs in the gym according to Tal Short, Reebok’s senior product manager. When it comes to style, the Nano […]

Torque Fitness Lifting Racks (20% Off) with an athlete 7
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Gym Equipment Summer Sale Torque Fitness

Looking for a summer sale on gym equipment? Check out the deals in the Gym Equipment Summer Sale from Torque Fitness. Make the most of your fitness this summer with these big discounts from Torque Fitness. Save on your favorite pieces of equipment and the ones you have wanted to get for a long time now with the Gym Equipment Summer Sale. Get these deals while they last – from Torque: Gym Equipment Summer Sale – Overview Torque Fitness is an experienced team of strength and conditioning equipment specialists with more than 40 years of experience creating the most innovative and durable fitness equipment. They build strength training products that deliver distinctive features to satisfactorily meet customer needs than many of the look-alike strength products on the market. They always pursue the highest standards in fitness and life, and people, perseverance, and principles are the particular values at the forefront of Torque. This summer, Torque offers discounts for equipment like […]

Rep Fitness Oxylus Yoke with an athlete 5
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Oxylus Yoke

Let’s take a look at the new Oxylus Yoke for strongman training. A yoke is a gigantic metal frame with a crossbar, and all four corners of the frame can be stacked with weight. There are different types of yoke, and others are not as versatile as the others. Take a look and see how the Oxylus Yoke is different from other yokes in terms of functionality. From the minds at Rep Fitness, get this essential strongman training equipment: Oxylus Yoke – Overview A classic piece of Strongman equipment, the Oxylus Yoke not only packs tons of multi-functionality in one frame but also comes with a REP twist—you can transform it into a squat rack, sled, and deadlift carry. It is assembled with a heavy-duty 3×3” 11-gauge steel frame that is bigger, heavier, and more powerful than other yokes. The yoke comes in two sizes: 77” and 92” tall. The 77” yoke alone weighs 230lbs with weight horns, and the […]

Nike Metcon 7 AMP right side
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Nike Metcon 7 AMP

Need an excellent Cross Training shoe for CrossFit? The Nike Metcon 7 AMP is the best of the best. You may be wondering what difference Nike Metcon 7 has from Nike Metcon 7 AMP. It’s the style. They both share the same features and attributes, but AMP delivers exclusive and limited edition colorways as well as distinctive styling and a cooler look. Get it now, from Road Runner Sports: Nike Metcon 7 AMP – Overview The Nike Metcon 7 AMP cross-training shoe is the gold standard for weightlifting and is even more rigid and stable than its predecessors. It is built explicitly for weightlifters, athletes, and CrossFitters for exercises such as CrossFit, HIIT, Bootcamp, weightlifting, and running. The underfoot pressure mapping makes this version 9% more stable than older versions, with its heel stabilizing plate dispersing weight from side to side and flexing to make high-intensity intervals feel secure and relaxed. This shoe now uses the Nike React foam that […]