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GORUCK Training Weight Vest Versus GORUCK Plate Carrier

Let’s compare and contrast the GORUCK Training Weight Vest Versus the Ruck Plate Carrier. The Training Weight Vest and the Plate Carrier both provide a way to have additional resistance to a diversity of exercises. Both give benefits when used correctly, and they also look identical, but what differs one from the other? Here are some of the gear from GORUCK we are going to look at: Training Weight Vest Versus Plate Carrier – Overview Before using a weight vest and a ruck plate carrier, there are things to be considered to avoid injury, and so you can get all the benefits they provide. You should first know your fitness level and body type and never use a weight that hinders you from having the proper posture. Make sure they don’t move around your body and observe how they affect your form. Gradually add small amounts of weight, around three pounds at a time, to your training sessions. Once you […]

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Iron Plates from Rep Fitness

Let’s look at the iron plates made by Rep. Iron plates are one of the essential pieces of fitness equipment and are often found in commercial gyms and garage gyms. They are less expensive than bumper plates but also last for a long time, like bumper plates. They are not meant to be dropped, but they’ll work well for deadlift, squat, bench press, and more. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Iron Plates from Rep – Overview Iron plates are easier to pick up and you can move them quickly from any corner because they have precision-cut holes. Bodybuilding workouts like barbell row, squats, bench press, overhead press, and bent-over row are perfect for cast iron weight plates. Some athletes do a combination of iron and bumper plate exercises in their workouts, which is also fine. Across all weights, all rubber bumper plates have the same diameter, while iron plates differ in diameter. Iron […]

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Represent Rep Fitness

Let’s look at some super-sweet Rep Fitness branded training accessories. Rep Fitness is becoming one of the fastest-growing brands for garage gym equipment offering excellent fitness equipment and apparel at a reasonable price. Here are some training accessories from Rep that you might need in your next training. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Training Accessories – Overview Rep Fitness is growing fast, and with that energy comes the commitment to new and upgraded products. They manufacture equipment from power racks and rack accessories to weight benches, weightlifting, and conditioning. Now you can also embody Rep Fitness with its new line called “Represent”. Represent has training accessories and apparel that you can bring to the gym and show off your passion for fitness. Great for you and even better when you share it with your friends in the gym and family members who are also fitness enthusiasts. Rep Shaker Bottle If you are someone […]

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Rep Apparel

Let’s look at great training apparel from Rep Fitness, for 2022. From equipment to clothing, Rep Fitness gives you competitive prices while also providing great value with the quality of their products. Represent the fastest expanding brand of garage gym equipment with this branded clothing from Rep Fitness. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rep Clothing – Overview Rep Fitness offers fitness clothing and apparel for both men and women and is perfect for cold and warm weather conditions. Choosing the right workout clothes can help you stay relaxed and comfortable during your workout. The fabric they’re made of and whether they are the proper clothing for a particular exercise significantly affect your performance. Moisture-wicking, lightweight, durable, and versatile are some of the characteristics of clothing that should be worn when working out. Whether you are inside the gym or sweating it all out while running, here are some of Rep Fitness Clothing that […]

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Trap Bar for Strength Training

Let’s look at hex bars or Trap Bars. The trap bar is an indispensable piece of equipment, and most commercial gyms and a majority of home and garage gyms have one. Using the trap bar gives you a full-body exercise targeting your legs and hips and enhancing explosive power for athletic performance. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Trap Bars – Overview A trap (or hex) bar is a hexagonal-shaped barbell. Rather than standing behind the traditional straight barbell, you stand in the middle of the hexagon. Some trap bars have two handles – one high, one low, while others have the handles at the equal height of a straight barbell. It needs less technical knowledge than barbell deadlifts and is easier to learn. A trap bar provides versatility, and you can do different exercises and movements with it. Many trap bars are rackable, giving you the ability to perform reverse band deadlift movements, […]

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Bonehead Ruck Weights from Fringe Sport

Here’s some crazy new options for adding weight to your rucksack – the Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates from Fringe Sport. What’s a ruck weight plate? It’s a compact (buy heavy) iron weight for turning your walk into a true workout. It goes in your rucksack (backpack) and helps bump up the intensity of your hike or walk (or run.) If you are someone who hates cardio exercises like burpees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, jumping ropes, or running but knows you need it for your health, the good news is there is an alternative way of doing cardio minus the jumps – rucking. If you haven’t heard of rucking before, it is as simple as getting a backpack, putting some weight or weight plates in it, putting it on, and start walking. You can also bring your dog with you. There’s different weights availabe. Check out the following for our sizing recommendations. Let’s take a closer look. Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates […]

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AirPlus Runner from Xebex

Let’s look at the Xebex AirPlus Runner – a non-motorized treadmill from Xebex. A curved treadmill is a running machine that needs no electricity (meaning manual) and is made to support the arch of your feet movement through your pace. This type of treadmill utilizes body weight and the resistance of your foot to move the belt rather than a motor. Here are some of the gear we are going to look at: Xebex AirPlus Runner – Overview Curved treadmills go as fast as you go, which is more natural than the fixed speeds of motorized treadmills. Because of its curved surface, the running belt is made of a range of slats rather than the endless long belt surface of regular treadmills. You involve more muscles when you run outside than running on a treadmill because you have to push yourself forward. Running with curved treadmills is like running outdoors, so you involve more muscles and get more benefits than […]

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Bomba Bar V3 from Fringe Sport

Let’s take a look at the Bomba Barbell V3 from Fringe Sport. Barbells are fundamental to any home or commercial gym. It is a long metal bar that you can attach plates of differing weights at each end. It is used for weightlifting to gain more muscle mass, develop strength and power, and improve sports performance. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Bomba Barbell V3 from Fringe Sport – Overview Weightlifting has several benefits, and many athletes include this in their training because of its simplicity. You can smoothly change the weight from exercise to exercise, and you can slowly raise the amount you lift over time. Anyone who wants to build muscle and become stronger will begin their training plan with barbell exercises. Barbell lifts are often the basic training routine of any serious CrossFitter, weightlifter, bodybuilder, and powerlifter. There are different barbells, though, and each one has a different design and is […]

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Cable Machines from Rep Fitness

Here’s all the Cable Machines or Functional Trainers currently available from Rep Fitness. Functional Trainers are a piece of equipment that combines several distinct, independent machines that resemble an enormous cage, chock-full of several weights, pulleys, bars, and cables. They are simple but powerful cable-based strength training machines created to assist in doing a mixture of multi-planar pushing, pulling, lifting, twisting, and stretching exercises. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Functional Trainers from Rep – Overview Functional Trainers are the ultimate training machines that involve most of your body’s larger and smaller muscles. They give you endless exercise opportunities and keep your workout routine exciting and fun. They combine plenty of adjustable mechanisms and handholds to modify your workouts and enhance particular muscle groups. Functional exercises are intended to grow and tone various joints and muscles together. They copy typical physical moves focusing on equipping the body to function better in everyday life. Functional […]