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Gym Equipment Labor Day Sale 2022

Let’s take a look at the Rep Fitness Labor Day Sale 2022 – now live for a limited time! Labor Day celebrates hard-working workers, including those who work hard in their garage gyms. Treat yourself with these high-quality yet low-cost pieces of equipment from Rep Fitness. They are on sale for up to 35% on weight benches, functional trainers, barbells, and plates. Here’s just a few things on sale right now: Rep Fitness Labor Day Sale 2022 – Overview Rep Fitness is a home and commercial equipment supplier concentrating on strength and conditioning equipment. They manufacture and retail numerous lines of machines, weights, gym supplements, and more. Rep Fitness was founded in 2012 in Denver, Colorado, with a mission to provide affordable, high-quality equipment to the hands of their customers. With the Labor Day Sale, the pieces of equipment they offer are now even cheaper. AB-3000 Adjustable Bench A highly versatile flat-incline-decline adjustable bench, the AB-3000 features seven different back […]

GORUCK Bullet Rucker 15L internal

15L Bullet Rucker

GORUCK has brought it’s newest EDC innovations to the Bullet Rucker. This 15L backpack is great for fitness – or EDC of a laptop. Light and streamlined, the Bullet Rucker is a perfect go-anywhere gym bag/daypack fitted as a second rucksack for skilled ruckers or as an excellent starting point for newbies carrying lighter loads up to 40 LB. It is GORUCK’s most lightweight everyday rucksack and is built to last. Get this tough versatile backpack from GORUCK: Bullet Rucker – Overview The 15L Bullet is a grab-and-go daypack. One day it’s a trip to the beach, the next, you’re loading jackets and snacks into your backpack for a day hike. You can use the Bullet as a daypack or toss a 40 LB Sandbag to up the ante. The 15L Bullet fits the 10LB, 20LB, & 30LB Ruck Plates (for Rucker) or (for GR1) in the plate pocket, as well as a 20LB or 40LB sandbag. The all-new 210D […]

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New Rep Rack Builder

No real garage gym is complete without a power rack. Get this essential gym equipment using the new Rep Rack Builder – this interactive web page will help you build the power rack of your dreams! Fitness equipment plays a vital role in the quality of your workout, and upgrading them is also part of your fitness progress. A power rack is one of those advanced pieces of equipment that offers versatility and even safety. It is a single piece of equipment you can build up or customize for a more versatile workout. Try the interactive (3-D!) Rep Rack Builder for any of these excellent power racks: Rep Rack Builder – Overview Power racks are specifically developed to lift heavy weights without breaking or warping. Power racks from Rep Fitness have a 1,000lbs rackable capacity and come with different attachments, so you can build up your rack however you want. It is crucial to workout in a safe setting, and […]