Rep Fitness SR- 4000 Squat Rack lifting
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Rep Fitness SR-4000 Squat Rack

Let’s review the new SR-4000 Squat Rack from Rep Fitness. Squatting is a common exercise that targets the muscles in the lower back, legs, and core. It helps strengthen muscles, burns fat, and improves overall health and fitness. Squatting using a squat rack is revolutionary and will make you even stronger, bigger, and faster. A squat rack is a piece of gym equipment that is adjustable in height and holds a barbell so you can perform squats safely. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: SR-4000 Squat Rack – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: Coming soon! SR-4000 Squat Rack – Overview When using a squat rack, it is crucial to get the proper technique and form to execute it efficiently and safely. If done wrongly, it may cause injury to your knees and lower back and strain your joints. But once […]

Rep Fitness Rep Color Bumper Plates with a user
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Rep Fitness Bumper Plates for Olympic Barbell Lifting

Let’s take a close-up look at the Oly Bumper Plates from Rep. If you are new to weightlifting and wonder what bumper plates are, they are simply weighted plates made of high-density rubber. They have the official diameter across all weights and are used in lifts (Olympic and CrossFit) where the weighted barbell is dropped to the ground. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rep Bumper Plates – Overview The difference between bumper plates and normal plates is normal plates are made from iron cast and bare steel wrapped in rubber. Bumper plates are made of rubber (sometimes recycled) except for the steel or brass bushing around the inner hole. Bumper plates are quieter than iron plates, and you can even decrease their decibel level by using rubber matting. Bumper plates offer more versatility than iron plates because you can drop bumper plates from any height without worry. You can do the snatch, deadlift, […]

Force USA Compact Leg Press side with a user
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Leg Machines from Force USA

Let’s review Leg Machines from Force USA. There are plenty of amazing fitness machines and equipment available in the market that can be used in a commercial gym and your garage or basement. All of them have incredible benefits targeting specific muscle groups to build strength and boost endurance. But in this article, we will focus on leg machines. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Leg Machines from Force USA – Overview Leg machines promote lower body improvement, activating the entire leg comfortably and effectively, especially the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and gluteal muscles. They also provide several favorable benefits, so incorporating them into your daily routine can help you maximize your workout. Aside from strengthening every part of your legs, they also avoid hamstrings and knee injury, especially if you are an active athlete. Using leg machines can also help define and increase the size of your legs and can help you run faster. […]

Force USA Commercial FID Bench side
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Force USA Weight Benches

Let’s review Weight Benches from Force USA. The weight bench is one of the most functional and practical health equipment in the gym. It is excellent equipment that enables you to raise heavy weights securely and allows you to move smoothly and efficiently while giving you the necessary support needed for your exercises. There are many kinds of weight benches; angled, flat, adjustable, and upright. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Weight Benches from Force USA – Overview You will be amazed by the unlimited number of exercises you can do while using a weight bench. Using dumbbells and a barbell can work every muscle in your upper body as well as your core and lower body, giving you a total body workout. Using weight benches can help target various aspects of your muscles and also provides stability, and keeps your posture straight. Using them makes it easier for you to access stiff and […]

Rep Fitness AB-3000 FID Adjustable Bench flat left
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Rep AB-3000 Adjustable Bench (FID)

Let’s take a close look at the new Rep AB-3000 FID Adjustable Bench from Rep Fitness. An adjustable bench is a very useful piece of equipment if you want to complete a mixture of various exercises to train your arms, legs, and core. It also provides a great deal of versatility because the bench can be adjusted to different angles giving you access to a number of other exercises. When you combine an adjustable bench with a barbell and a power rack, your workout becomes revolutionary, and you’ll be able to achieve your form and strength goals. An adjustable bench is also mobile, and you can quickly move it to your preferred spot, or you can just slide it to the corner when not in use. If you are serious about your training, investing in a good-quality adjustable bench is better than settling with a cheap but fragile bench. A reliable, durable, solid, and comfortable bench will last you through […]

Force USA Powerlifting Barbell end 3
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Force USA Barbells

Let’s look at Olympic Barbells from Force USA. The key to building muscle and strength safely is the use of barbells in your workout routines. Exercises with barbells build the necessary tension and stress through various muscles and movement patterns. With barbells, you can do back squat, deadlift, bent-over row, power clean, bench press, power cleans, and lunge, which are multi-joint exercises that produce excellent results. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Olympic Barbells from Force USA – Overview Force USA offers various levels of weight training barbells for the beginner and serious powerlifter alike. They provide the most reliable and highest quality strength training equipment to home gyms, core training facilities, garage gyms, and personal training studios. There are many kinds of barbells sold by different companies, so it is best to research before getting one to maximize your training. The construction of the barbell should be solid and durable, giving you confidence […]

GORUCK GR1 Rucksack coyote 26L
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GORUCK GR1 Rucksack for Fitness

Let’s review the GR1 Rucksack from GORUCK. Just in case you haven’t heard of it before, Rucking is walking/running with a weighted rucksack (backpack). It is the foundation of Special Forces training, but civilians like us can definitely go rucking as well. It burns 3x more calories than simply walking. Any backpack will do, but if you want a backpack that will last a lifetime and can comfortably bear a lot of weight with stability, a Rucksack from GORUCK will carry you through. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: GR1 Rucksack – Overview GORUCK builds the best and the most premium rucking gear, and GR1 is the toughest everyday carry ever produced. It comes in 21L and 26L versions, and the only difference they have is their dimensions. It is a very solid and sturdy bag with a minimalist tactical look. There’s only one big compartment, another small in front, and the molle outside […]

Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack blue lat
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MyRack Power Rack from Force USA

Let’s look at the MyRack – a power rack from Force USA. Is your workout space limited and small? Do you have a lower ceiling height? Do you want a modular rack with plenty of options and functionality? Do you want to make an investment that won’t cause disappointment? The MyRack Power Rack from Force USA could be the answer to your questions. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: MyRack – Overview Force USA is known for making the best value strength equipment for home and light commercial use and has proudly established the benchmark for their variety of strength equipment worldwide. They’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years, producing exclusive designs for power racks and other strength training equipment. They have barbells, all-in-one trainers, leg machines, benches, attachments, bumpers and bands, power racks, and apparel. All these products and equipment are made to meet uncompromising quality standards implemented at every […]

Assault Fitness AssaultBike Elite with a model
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Assault Bikes from Assault Fitness

Let’s review Assault Bikes from Assault Fitness. Just in case you are wondering, an air bike is an stationary bike with a built-in wind-resistant fan. To use it, you have to take a seated position and move the large fan flywheel by pedaling and pulling and pushing two vertical arms – the harder you work, the more resistance you’ll get, which gives you a great cardio workout. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Assault Bikes – Overview Indoor exercises have become normal these days, not only during the pandemic but also because they are more comfortable to use in any weather, place, and time. Depending on your workout intensity, the AssaultBikes can help you burn up to 80 calories per minute. Assaultbikes are not only good at giving you a low-impact full-body exercise, but they are also an excellent tool for rehabilitation because they provide safe movements with no impact. AssaultBikes are manufactured by […]

Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer full back right
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Functional Trainers from Force USA

Let’s review Functional Trainers from Force USA. Functional fitness training is a way to maintain or develop the quality of your life daily. It helps strengthen you so you can do activities like preparing to play a sport, carrying heavy items, or doing home chores safely and effortlessly. Functional trainers are versatile and efficient in working with different muscle groups in various ways. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Functional Trainers from Force USA – Overview Functional fitness training can be done at home or the gym using accessories like resistance bands, dumbbells, fitness balls, weights, etc. It trains your upper and lower body as well as your core, preparing you to function correctly in a variety of everyday situations. Even senior citizens can benefit from this training as it also improves stability, coordination, and muscle strength and lessens the danger of falling. Force USA offers different functional trainers, including high-end residential and commercial […]