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Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells

Bring some fun to your garage gym with the Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells from Fringe Sport. Versatility and effectiveness are some of the important aspects of equipment that need to be considered when adding equipment to your gym or garage. Good thing kettlebells have both, and so much more. With kettlebells, you can do a surprisingly large number of exercises and movements to help build muscles, tone your body, and burn fats. Only from Fringe: Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells – Overview Dress up your gym with these uniquely designed kettlebells from Fringe Sport. They are not your typical-looking kettlebells yet they are distinguished-looking and hand painted, giving each one a unique look specifically for them. They are made of solid cast iron and coated in a black powder coat under the hand-painted makeup. These kettlebells can tolerate swings, lifts, stands, dances, or other workouts you prefer. The Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells bear the outstanding feature of having the same size with different weights. […]

Rogue Fitness TRX Battle Rope with an athlete
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Battle Ropes

Let’s take a look at Battle Ropes – this is a fun piece of equipment for your home gym or garage gym. Battle ropes provide an effective full-body workout within a short time frame, battle ropes are the answer. Battle ropes are thick ropes that are twisted around a pole or anchored with a strap and you get a workout through slams, throws, waves, jacks, and pulls. Get these great fitness tools for your garage gym now: Battle Rope Roundup – Overview Bring new energy and excitement to your workout with battle ropes. Using the same equipment day by day can get boring and becomes a struggle. With battle ropes, you’ll feel like playing swinging the rope around. But don’t let this fool you. Battle ropes come in different diameters and lengths to bring different levels of intensity to your workout. They target nearly all major muscle groups for a full body workout with just a single tool. When you […]

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Functional Trainers from Force USA

Let’s review Functional Trainers from Force USA. Functional fitness training is a way to maintain or develop the quality of your life daily. It helps strengthen you so you can do activities like preparing to play a sport, carrying heavy items, or doing home chores safely and effortlessly. Functional trainers are versatile and efficient in working with different muscle groups in various ways. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Functional Trainers from Force USA – Overview Functional fitness training can be done at home or the gym using accessories like resistance bands, dumbbells, fitness balls, weights, etc. It trains your upper and lower body as well as your core, preparing you to function correctly in a variety of everyday situations. Even senior citizens can benefit from this training as it also improves stability, coordination, and muscle strength and lessens the danger of falling. Force USA offers different functional trainers, including high-end residential and commercial […]

Soldiers doing Leg Tucks for strength of grip, arm, shoulder and trunk muscles.
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All About the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

Are you considering joining and serving in the army? Do you have what it takes to be a soldier? Are you preparing for the test but not sure what series of tests you will go through? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the test to prepare if you are an aspiring soldier. Or maybe you are someone who is interested in CrossFit style workouts. This is also for you. But before that, this article will also tell you what kind of fitness test was used before and why it was changed. ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST (APFT) – The Old School Way The three-event APFT gave scores to soldiers on a sliding scale based on age and gender. This test started in the ’80s and lasted until early 2020. Older service members weren’t obligated to meet identical standards of younger troops, and women were given scores on separate criteria. The APFT consists of push-ups, sit-ups, […]