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Open Trap Bar Handles from Rep

A Trap Bar is an excellent barbell – but it can be made better – and Rep Fitness has done so. Here’s the innovative new Open Trap Bar Handles available from Rep. The Open Trap Bar is a unique-shaped bar that is easy to use and provides amazing benefits. This specialty bar allows equal weight distribution around the body because of its shape. It is helpful as it is versatile, allowing you to step in and out of the bar without limiting the lower body’s range of motion. This makes the bar practical for various movements, such as squatting, lunging, and carrying. ONLY from Rep Fitness (Colorado’s finest): Open Trap Bar Handles Different Open Trap Bar handles are a considerate way to address the needs of different lifters. If you have a smaller frame or want to lift using a narrower hand positioning, the Narrow Handles will work best for you. If you have broader shoulders or want more upper […]

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Open Trap Bar from REP

Get your ankles out of the way with this versatile Open Trap Bar from Rep Fitness. The REP Open Trap Bar adds variety to your training. It is devised to place the weight straight in line with your center of gravity instead of in front like a standard barbell. Its neutral handle placement makes deadlifting easier, while its open design enables a versatile range of movements like lunges, squats, and presses. Innovation only from REP: Open Trap Bar – Overview The Open Trap Bar is a specialty bar that highlights an integrated deadlift jack that makes loading and unloading the bar easier. The jack also serves as a counterweight to keep the bar exquisitely balanced. The open-sided frame allows you to step in and out of the bar and doesn’t restrict the lower body’s range of motion. It also features plastic liners on the feet to preserve your floors. The REP Open Trap Bar features entirely knurled, stainless-steel handles that […]

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Trap Bar for Strength Training

Let’s look at hex bars or Trap Bars. The trap bar is an indispensable piece of equipment, and most commercial gyms and a majority of home and garage gyms have one. Using the trap bar gives you a full-body exercise targeting your legs and hips and enhancing explosive power for athletic performance. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Trap Bars – Overview A trap (or hex) bar is a hexagonal-shaped barbell. Rather than standing behind the traditional straight barbell, you stand in the middle of the hexagon. Some trap bars have two handles – one high, one low, while others have the handles at the equal height of a straight barbell. It needs less technical knowledge than barbell deadlifts and is easier to learn. A trap bar provides versatility, and you can do different exercises and movements with it. Many trap bars are rackable, giving you the ability to perform reverse band deadlift movements, […]