American Barbell Stainless Bearing Bar (Comp. Spec.) sleeves
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American Barbell – Stainless Steel Barbells

Let’s take a look at Stainless Steel Barbells from American Barbell. American Barbell is a design and manufacturing firm strictly concentrated on Commercial Fitness Equipment and related accessories. They are known for their barbells and have some of the Fitness Industries’ most outstanding innovations and industry firsts, such as the first Hard Chrome Olympic Bar in 1998, the Urethane Bumper Plate in 2012, and many more. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: American Barbell – Stainless Steel Barbells – Overview Getting yourself a quality barbell is a costly investment that you want to last through the ages. To know how great the barbell you’re getting is, you need to understand its parts and the qualities it contains. Checking the tensile strength of a barbell is also necessary. The tensile strength tells how much a barbell can carry before it fails or fractures. 180,000+ PSI means the barbell is well-constructed and should last an extended […]