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Nike Romaleos 4 SE Weightlifting Shoe

Let’s review the new Nike Romaleos 4 SE from Nike. The Nike Romaleos line is made for Olympic weightlifting and has ever since provided strong stability and a supportive foundation. Now on its latest iteration, let’s see some improvements on the Nike Romaleos 4 SE Weightlifting Shoe. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Romaleos 4 SE – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: (This is the regular edition Rom 4 – which performs the same) Nike Romaleos 4 SE – Overview The Nike Romaleos 4 SE has a solid and stable base with its wavy TPU heel and Powerbrigdge at the bottom. There are seven spikes on the outsole that improve the contact area with the ground and enhance side stability without feeling too heavy. The shoe provides a wide supportive foundation for your most challenging lifts. The firm sole […]