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GORUCK Training Weight Vest Versus GORUCK Plate Carrier

Let’s compare and contrast the GORUCK Training Weight Vest Versus the Ruck Plate Carrier. The Training Weight Vest and the Plate Carrier both provide a way to have additional resistance to a diversity of exercises. Both give benefits when used correctly, and they also look identical, but what differs one from the other? Here are some of the gear from GORUCK we are going to look at: Training Weight Vest Versus Plate Carrier – Overview Before using a weight vest and a ruck plate carrier, there are things to be considered to avoid injury, and so you can get all the benefits they provide. You should first know your fitness level and body type and never use a weight that hinders you from having the proper posture. Make sure they don’t move around your body and observe how they affect your form. Gradually add small amounts of weight, around three pounds at a time, to your training sessions. Once you […]