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AirPlus Runner from Xebex

Let’s look at the Xebex AirPlus Runner – a non-motorized treadmill from Xebex. A curved treadmill is a running machine that needs no electricity (meaning manual) and is made to support the arch of your feet movement through your pace. This type of treadmill utilizes body weight and the resistance of your foot to move the belt rather than a motor. Here are some of the gear we are going to look at: Xebex AirPlus Runner – Overview Curved treadmills go as fast as you go, which is more natural than the fixed speeds of motorized treadmills. Because of its curved surface, the running belt is made of a range of slats rather than the endless long belt surface of regular treadmills. You involve more muscles when you run outside than running on a treadmill because you have to push yourself forward. Running with curved treadmills is like running outdoors, so you involve more muscles and get more benefits than […]