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Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells

Bring some fun to your garage gym with the Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells from Fringe Sport. Versatility and effectiveness are some of the important aspects of equipment that need to be considered when adding equipment to your gym or garage. Good thing kettlebells have both, and so much more. With kettlebells, you can do a surprisingly large number of exercises and movements to help build muscles, tone your body, and burn fats. Only from Fringe: Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells – Overview Dress up your gym with these uniquely designed kettlebells from Fringe Sport. They are not your typical-looking kettlebells yet they are distinguished-looking and hand painted, giving each one a unique look specifically for them. They are made of solid cast iron and coated in a black powder coat under the hand-painted makeup. These kettlebells can tolerate swings, lifts, stands, dances, or other workouts you prefer. The Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells bear the outstanding feature of having the same size with different weights. […]

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Kettlebell Kings

Let’s take a look at best Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings. A kettlebell is a kind of dumbbell or free weight that is rounded with a flat base and an arched holder. It offers versatility, and you can use it to enhance your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. A kettlebell also imitates our daily activities like lifting, pulling, pushing, backpacking, shopping carts, etc. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings – Overview Kettlebells Kings have an incomparable feel, texture, and well-formed, balanced kettlebells. The quality structure consists of a void-free surface, a smooth handle, and a fully machined flat base for durability. Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings have recessed logos for improved comfort while lifting. Kettlebells with stamped logos may cause pain when lifting when the logo makes contact with your hands and forearm wrist. These kettlebells are polished free of defects when they come out of the mold and then coated with powder […]

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Kettlebells are Sexy

Kettle bells … crazy fad or legitimate fitness tool? A few years ago kettlebells reached the peak of the hype cycle. They are not a miracle tool for fitness, but they are a solid choice for your home gym or garage gym that let you do some things you couldn’t do otherwise. And they are a lot of fun. And sexy. Let’s talk about why you should have kettlebells in your home gym. Kettlebells Look Cool. Kettlebells are Sexy. They are a conversation starter. Let’s face it – a really big kettlebell just looks evil. It’s a cannonball with a handle. Is there a “sexy” piece of workout equipment? We vote for the kettlebell. Secondly, kettlebells are part of the modern training landscape. Do you consider yourself a home fitness guru or expert? You’ve got to know kettlebell basics, at least. Kettlebells Have a Handle The handle on the kettlebell makes them superior to dumbbells for exercises like the kettlebell […]