Bench press form
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Ode to the Bench Press

The Bench Press is a gym legend. But, nowadays it catches a lot of flak. For no good reason, in my opinion. The mighty bench press was the first thing I ever did in the gym (30+ years ago). And, god willing, it’ll be the last thing I do too. Let’s discuss why the bench press rules. First of all – you can build massive pecs. You also get to lay down. In fact, it’s not correct form to do anything other than lay down on the padded bench. Are you seeing the benefits now? It’s the most weight you can move with your upper body. Dips, curls, overhead press – all great. But nobody is every going to overhead press 1,000 lbs. Oh – but that’s wearing an artificial performance device like a bench shirt?

Fit woman using a kettlebell as part of a "Turkish Get Up"
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Kettlebells are Sexy

Kettle bells … crazy fad or legitimate fitness tool? A few years ago kettlebells reached the peak of the hype cycle. They are not a miracle tool for fitness, but they are a solid choice for your home gym or garage gym that let you do some things you couldn’t do otherwise. And they are a lot of fun. And sexy. Let’s talk about why you should have kettlebells in your home gym. Kettlebells Look Cool. Kettlebells are Sexy. They are a conversation starter. Let’s face it – a really big kettlebell just looks evil. It’s a cannonball with a handle. Is there a “sexy” piece of workout equipment? We vote for the kettlebell. Secondly, kettlebells are part of the modern training landscape. Do you consider yourself a home fitness guru or expert? You’ve got to know kettlebell basics, at least. Kettlebells Have a Handle The handle on the kettlebell makes them superior to dumbbells for exercises like the kettlebell […]