Rep Fitness AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench with an athlete 2
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AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench

The best bench in the game just got better – here’s the new AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench from Rep Fitness. While a flat bench highlights a raised platform locked parallel to the ground, an adjustable bench highlights a raised platform that can be set in various positions. With an adjustable bench, you can safely perform different exercises from a flat, incline, decline, or seated position. Rep is the king of value when it comes to benches for your home gym or garage gym: AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench – Overview The AB-3000 adjustable bench is already great. But Rep Fitness updated it to version 2.0 to make it a never-need-to-upgrade addition to your home gym. The AB-3000 2.0 now has eight back pad positions and added leg roller positions. The AB-3000 2.0 has built-in leg rollers that can be moved farther forward than the original design for more comfort in decline and farther back for better clearance. […]

Force USA Commercial FID Bench side
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Force USA Weight Benches

Let’s review Weight Benches from Force USA. The weight bench is one of the most functional and practical health equipment in the gym. It is excellent equipment that enables you to raise heavy weights securely and allows you to move smoothly and efficiently while giving you the necessary support needed for your exercises. There are many kinds of weight benches; angled, flat, adjustable, and upright. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Weight Benches from Force USA – Overview You will be amazed by the unlimited number of exercises you can do while using a weight bench. Using dumbbells and a barbell can work every muscle in your upper body as well as your core and lower body, giving you a total body workout. Using weight benches can help target various aspects of your muscles and also provides stability, and keeps your posture straight. Using them makes it easier for you to access stiff and […]

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Rep AB-3000 Adjustable Bench (FID)

Let’s take a close look at the new Rep AB-3000 FID Adjustable Bench from Rep Fitness. An adjustable bench is a very useful piece of equipment if you want to complete a mixture of various exercises to train your arms, legs, and core. It also provides a great deal of versatility because the bench can be adjusted to different angles giving you access to a number of other exercises. When you combine an adjustable bench with a barbell and a power rack, your workout becomes revolutionary, and you’ll be able to achieve your form and strength goals. An adjustable bench is also mobile, and you can quickly move it to your preferred spot, or you can just slide it to the corner when not in use. If you are serious about your training, investing in a good-quality adjustable bench is better than settling with a cheap but fragile bench. A reliable, durable, solid, and comfortable bench will last you through […]