Reebok Nano 6000 Training Shoes quarter view front
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Reebok Nano 6000 for CrossFit

Get your sweat on in the box with these new Nano 6000 Training Shoes – they’ll be great for any CrossFit workout. The Nano 6000 from Reebok is designed to perform in or out of the gym, from rope climbs to downtime. It provides the support you need for all your activities all day long. These are based on the Reebok Nano X2, by the way. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nano 6000 Training Shoes – Overview Lifestyle and performance collide in the new Nano 6000 training shoe. It features a design stirred by Reebok’s archives as it integrates the performance-rich qualities of the famous Nano X2 with design factors embedded in Reebok’s lifestyle roots. Reebok designed the Nano 6000 to offer athletes a training shoe that looks great on the streets but still performs in the gym according to Tal Short, Reebok’s senior product manager. When it comes to style, the Nano […]

Nike Metcon 7 AMP right side
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Nike Metcon 7 AMP

Need an excellent Cross Training shoe for CrossFit? The Nike Metcon 7 AMP is the best of the best. You may be wondering what difference Nike Metcon 7 has from Nike Metcon 7 AMP. It’s the style. They both share the same features and attributes, but AMP delivers exclusive and limited edition colorways as well as distinctive styling and a cooler look. Get it now, from Road Runner Sports: Nike Metcon 7 AMP – Overview The Nike Metcon 7 AMP cross-training shoe is the gold standard for weightlifting and is even more rigid and stable than its predecessors. It is built explicitly for weightlifters, athletes, and CrossFitters for exercises such as CrossFit, HIIT, Bootcamp, weightlifting, and running. The underfoot pressure mapping makes this version 9% more stable than older versions, with its heel stabilizing plate dispersing weight from side to side and flexing to make high-intensity intervals feel secure and relaxed. This shoe now uses the Nike React foam that […]

Reebok Nano X2 grass - release date launch date
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Reebok Nano X2 Available Soon

Coming soon (April 1st! and 8th!) is the Reebok Nano X2 – the second version of Reeboks Nano “X” shoe. Reebok announced last March 18th the launch of the Nano X2, the latest version of the award-winning Nano franchise. The Nano X2 is the most wearable Nano training shoe ever, with a priority on durability and style. The ever-evolving athletes and wellness enthusiasts will be happy to know that this shoe is designed to meet their needs for workouts that go beyond the gym. Here are some of the styles you’ll be able to get soon: Reebok Nano X2 Release Date – Overview The Nano X series is known for being functional and used in CrossFit-style workouts. The Nano X2 is an addition to this series, infusing a range of lifestyle features for versatility and comfort whether you’re at the gym for a hardcore workout or doing your daily routine. The Nano X2 concentrates on speed, comfort, and control while […]

Fringe Sport 15 kg Womens Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell with an athlete
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Women’s Oly Barbells from Fringe Sport

Got garage gym? Let’s take a look at Women’s Barbells – like the Passion Pink and Purple Wonder Bars from Fringesport There are different barbells, and if you are a female weightlifter or just starting to lift, there is a barbell suitable for you. These bars are easier to grip since your hands can be smaller than men’s. They have a shorter shaft diameter but with the same power capabilities. Women’s Oly Barbells from Fringe Sport: Passion Pink and Purple Wonder Bars from Fringesport – Overview Passion and power are two strong words, and Fringe Sport incorporated them into the 15 kg Wonder Bars. These two words fit lifting, strength, and the journey perfectly. Most lifters are passionate and enthusiastic about their lifting and their gyms and gear, and they are always looking for something fresh to add to make it better. And even if it is only a few ounces more, the wave of power when you achieve that […]

Reebok Nano X1 Mens Training Shoes side view
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Nano X1 in Camo

Here’s the coolest Nano X1 pattern yet – the Nano X1 in Camo from Reebok. Reebok Nano X1 already produced several exciting colorways and is now adding its 21st colorway — Camo – Hunter Green/Core Black/Reebok Lee 3. The new colorway has a military look that will go well with your everyday all-around training. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nano X1 in Camo – Overview The Nano X1 is an all-around training shoe and is one of the best in the market. Whether you climb, jump, run or throw the barbell around, this shoe is made for all these workouts. The Nano X1 has added cushioning, style, and a few millimeters of a drop from heel to toe that enhances overall satisfaction. The Flexweave® knit is comfortable and breathable without reducing the toughness your training demands. It now has the Floatride Energy Foam throughout the midsole that adds response on training runs. Though not […]

Reebok Nano X1 Rothco red quarter view back pair
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Nano X1 Rothco

Here’s the newest Reebok Nano X1 – this is a collaboration with tactical gear maker Rothco. Reebok and Rothco, a tactical and outdoor clothing brand, joined forces and announced their collaboration last August 16. They reimagined Reebok’s most iconic fitness silhouettes, the Nano X1, and came up with a limited collection through Rothco’s ultra-functional, military lens. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Reebok Nano X1 Rothco – Overview Rothco has been an icon in the military gear space for more than a century, with roots in making functional gear just like Reebok. It has made its mark in the fashion and lifestyle space over the years and has noticeable camo designs that have become a cult favorite. In this collection, Nano X1 gets Rothco’s signature camo treatment in three different colorways: Ultra Violet Camo, Red, White, and Blue Camo, and City Camo. The unisex silhouette highlights some minor changes inspired by Rothco’s military and outdoor […]

Nike Savaleos quarter view left
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Nike Savaleos Oly Lifter

Here’s a new color option for the Nike Savaleos. There are different shoes for different workouts. What makes the Savaleos different is they can be used in different workouts as well as weightlifting. This makes this shoe functional and a great option for entry-level weightlifters and athletes that want a weightlifting shoe for more versatile training. The Savaleos is an Olympic weighlifting shoe. It’s lighter, has less heel raise, and is overall less extreme as compared to the Romaleos 4. It’s also cheaper by about $80 – check for yourself: Nike Savaleos – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Here’s an earlier colorway of the shoe: Nike Savaleos – Overview Compared to the Romaleos, the Savaleos have a reduced heel height, so you won’t feel strange transitioning from the barbell to gymnastic/endurance movements. The lower heel drop increases demand on your mobility which produces more mobility gains during training. The padded mesh inset at […]

Nike React Metcon Turbo side view left
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Nike React Metcon Turbo in New Colorway

There’s a new colorway available of the Nike React Metcon Turbo from Nike. Stability and responsiveness make Nike React Metcon Turbo popular in cross-training, be it HIIT training, lifting, short runs, agility, and plyometric workouts. Every detail is trimmed down to reduce weight, from the cushioning underfoot to the rope wrap at the instep while maximizing function and durability. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike React Metcon Turbo – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: Nike React Metcon Turbo – Overview Nike React Metcon Turbo uses lighter, more robust materials that are built for speed and strength. It highlights an asymmetric structure to support its performance and durability. The revamped upper is breathable and maneuverable, and the instep is thin and lightweight but still sturdy to control abrasion. The mesh on the outer part keeps it breathable during high-heat sets. […]

Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s side view left
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Nike Metcon 7 X – Now Available

First came the Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser – now we have the official launch colorways for the Nike Metcon 7 X. Make your workout and lifting more exciting with the new colorways of Nike Metcon 7. Available for men and women, Nike 7 offers superior stability and durability with its wide, flat heel that has an inner plate for equal distribution of weight from side to side. Another new for Metcon 7 is the use of React foam for a more comfortable, cushioned base. What’s more? Keep on reading to find out. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 7 Launch Colorways – Overview The new Nike Metcon 7 has a conventional shoe design with a built-in midsole using Nike’s E-TPU material, React, and standard insole. The drop-in midsole was removed, and the upper uses materials from Free X Metcon 1. This chain-link upper mesh is tried and tested and presents breathability, […]

Fringe Sport Savage Bumper Plates with a lifter
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Savage Bumper Plates from Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport just dropped some new Savage Bumper Plates. Bumper Plates have a notable status in Crossfit and Olympic workouts. When working out with bumper plates, the loaded barbell is dropped to the floor. The rubber in the plates decreases the shock and avoids harm to the flooring. They are safer to use in Olympic lifts, very durable, quieter, and versatile. They can also take some severe impact, and they’ll keep bouncing back. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Savage Bumper Plates – Overview The Savage Bumper Plates symbolize the ideology of never stopping, never giving up, and never backing down. Through these bumper plates, Fringe Sport wants to remind every athlete that it’s not about who can lift the most; it’s about how far you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Savage Bumper Plates are easy to notice because of their tiger streak colors all over them. Aside from the charm these colors […]