Fringe Sport Pizza Bumper Plates with an athlete
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Bumper Plates with Style

Why having boring bumper plates when you can have BUMPER PLATES WITH STYLE? Let’s look at these great-looking Bumper Plates with Style. Maybe you started this year including “working out” as one of your New Year’s resolutions. But as days and weeks pass by, you begin to find excuses not to workout and train. We bring you these bumper plates with style to motivate and remind you of your fitness goals. Bring the fun into the gym with these: Bumper Plates with Style – Overview Made of high-density rubber, bumper plates are weight plates with the standard diameter in all weights and are utilized in Olympic and CrossFit lifts where the loaded barbell is dropped to the floor. Their rubber structure preserves the barbell, weights, and floor from damage. Compared to iron weights, bumper plates are quieter and have a lower bounce because of their material. They are ideal for home gyms and box gyms as they innately absorb sound. […]

Fringe Sport Savage Bumper Plates with a lifter
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Savage Bumper Plates from Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport just dropped some new Savage Bumper Plates. Bumper Plates have a notable status in Crossfit and Olympic workouts. When working out with bumper plates, the loaded barbell is dropped to the floor. The rubber in the plates decreases the shock and avoids harm to the flooring. They are safer to use in Olympic lifts, very durable, quieter, and versatile. They can also take some severe impact, and they’ll keep bouncing back. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Savage Bumper Plates – Overview The Savage Bumper Plates symbolize the ideology of never stopping, never giving up, and never backing down. Through these bumper plates, Fringe Sport wants to remind every athlete that it’s not about who can lift the most; it’s about how far you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Savage Bumper Plates are easy to notice because of their tiger streak colors all over them. Aside from the charm these colors […]

Rep Fitness Rep Color Bumper Plates with a user
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Rep Fitness Bumper Plates for Olympic Barbell Lifting

Let’s take a close-up look at the Oly Bumper Plates from Rep. If you are new to weightlifting and wonder what bumper plates are, they are simply weighted plates made of high-density rubber. They have the official diameter across all weights and are used in lifts (Olympic and CrossFit) where the weighted barbell is dropped to the ground. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rep Bumper Plates – Overview The difference between bumper plates and normal plates is normal plates are made from iron cast and bare steel wrapped in rubber. Bumper plates are made of rubber (sometimes recycled) except for the steel or brass bushing around the inner hole. Bumper plates are quieter than iron plates, and you can even decrease their decibel level by using rubber matting. Bumper plates offer more versatility than iron plates because you can drop bumper plates from any height without worry. You can do the snatch, deadlift, […]

Bumper plates in their natural habitat - spread all over the floor of the gym
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Your Garage Gym Needs Bumper Plates

Starting a home gym or garage gym? Bumper plates will be your best bet. Sure, iron plates are cheaper (and dirtier and uglier) – but in this article we’ll explain why bumper plates are the better choice. This article is sort of tongue-in-cheek. But there’s some truth to it as well. Bumper Plates Are Bigger Bumper plates are bigger (for the smaller sizes – like the 10kg, 15kg sizes). Everybody wants to lift the big weight plates, not the little ones. What’s more impressive? Hoisting two tiny 10kg iron plates or two MASSIVE 10kg bumper plates? Bumper plates let you do that – without overloading the bar for the exercise at hand. Think this is a joke? It’s not. Don’t you workout to feel better? The mental confidence boost of heavy lifting is one of the perks of fitness. So, go ahead and slap those 10Kg plates on – and feel good about yourself. But, perhaps more importantly they put […]