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Assault Fitness Gym Equipment

Let’s take a look at the Assault Fitness Gym Equipment – the full line is now available from Torque USA. Assault Fitness designs and manufactures elite fitness equipment while creating opportunities to improve lives through fitness. They produce bikes, rowers, treadmills, AssaultRunner, and even apparel and accessories that are made to endure long and strenuous workouts. Get it from Torque: Assault Fitness Gym Equipment – Overview Assault Fitness manufactures cardio and conditioning equipment for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their collection consists of manual, curved-belt non-motorized treadmills, durable air bikes, and a powerful air rower that delivers endless resistance to pull against. These equipment are everywhere—home, garage, and public, commercial gyms. The air bikes and the rower utilize air as the resistance, matching tension and intensity, while the manual treadmills allow you to run fast. Equipment from Assualt Fitness is simple to use yet highly stable and durable and comes with a warranty. Their equipment is built to last and calls […]

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AssaultRower Elite

There’s a new rower in town – here’s the AssaultRower Elite from Assault Fitness (makers of the assault bike!) Some people think that the arms are the only body parts that work when rowing. Rowing is actually a full-body workout that uses most muscles, specifically the upper back, arms, pecs, abdominal muscles, and obliques. It is an intense workout that also works the heart to carry more blood to the body. Rowing also invigorates and strengthens the leg muscles such as the glutes, calves, and quadriceps. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: AssaultRower Elite – Overview AssaultRower Elite, the best-in-class rower on the market, has a solid steel frame construction, innovative design, and commercial-grade durability. This machine is ideal for cardio, endurance training, and HIIT and provides a total body workout as it challenges and tones any physique. The AssaultRower was created by professional athletes and trainers who have tested the world’s best fitness equipment […]

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Assault Bikes from Assault Fitness

Let’s review Assault Bikes from Assault Fitness. Just in case you are wondering, an air bike is an stationary bike with a built-in wind-resistant fan. To use it, you have to take a seated position and move the large fan flywheel by pedaling and pulling and pushing two vertical arms – the harder you work, the more resistance you’ll get, which gives you a great cardio workout. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Assault Bikes – Overview Indoor exercises have become normal these days, not only during the pandemic but also because they are more comfortable to use in any weather, place, and time. Depending on your workout intensity, the AssaultBikes can help you burn up to 80 calories per minute. Assaultbikes are not only good at giving you a low-impact full-body exercise, but they are also an excellent tool for rehabilitation because they provide safe movements with no impact. AssaultBikes are manufactured by […]