Kettlebells are Sexy

Kettle bells … crazy fad or legitimate fitness tool?

A few years ago kettlebells reached the peak of the hype cycle.

They are not a miracle tool for fitness, but they are a solid choice for your home gym or garage gym that let you do some things you couldn’t do otherwise.

And they are a lot of fun.

And sexy.

Kettlebells - sexy by the poolside
Kettlebells – Lookin’ sexy by the poolside

Let’s talk about why you should have kettlebells in your home gym.

Fit woman using a kettlebell as part of a "Turkish Get Up"
The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is a kettlebell classic. Yes, you could use a dumbbell. But then it would be boring.

Kettlebells Look Cool. Kettlebells are Sexy.

They are a conversation starter.

Let’s face it – a really big kettlebell just looks evil.

Big kettlebells - A conversation starter with no equal
Big kettlebells – A conversation starter with no equal

It’s a cannonball with a handle.

Is there a “sexy” piece of workout equipment? We vote for the kettlebell.

Kettlebells are cool - no they are sexy!
This is what you find when you search stock photos for “sexy kettlebells.”

Secondly, kettlebells are part of the modern training landscape.

Do you consider yourself a home fitness guru or expert?

You’ve got to know kettlebell basics, at least.

Kettlebells Have a Handle

The handle on the kettlebell makes them superior to dumbbells for exercises like the kettlebell swing.

Man using a kettlebell for a kb swing
Kettlebells are great for two handed swings – which are easy to do safely thanks to the wide handle

Can you do these with a dumbbell?

Yes, but it’s not that safe – especially when the weight is heavy and you are tired (or sweaty.)

And, as discussed previously, kettlebells just look cooler.

The U shaped handle on the kettlebell means you can grip with one hand or two
The U shaped handle on the kettlebell means you can grip with one hand or two.

Kettlebells can be held in the rack position

Here’s the “rack” position.

Man holding two kettlebells in the "rack" position.
The rack position is a way to hold significant weight in a stable fashion – without your puny weak grip getting in the way.

You can use this hold for one or two kettlebells.

And that means this is the BEST way to add significant weight to movements like the pistol squat, or goblet squat.

The upsides of the rack position?

You aren’t grip limited – which means your grip won’t tire before whatever exercise you are doing is complete.

It’s pretty stable, because of how you hold the weight.

And you can add some pretty serious weight – imagine having two 70 lb kettlebells in the rack position.

Or, use it single armed – like for a pistol squat.

Woman performing a pistol squat with a kettlebell in the rack position for extra resistance
Kettlebells are great for adding extra resistance to a variety of exercises (such as the pistol squat) – especially in the “rack” position as shown here.

Kettlebells – great for Power Exercises

You can do kettlebell cleans and snatches.

These are Power exercises – because they require you to use great force strength in a short amount of time.

You can do these with dumbbells.

But – kettlebells are much cooler.

Man using a kettlebell to workout in a gym
Kettlebells are a natural for power exercises like the clean and jerk and snatch.

Kettlebells In Your Garage Gym – In Summary

Kettlebells are the sort of thing that sets apart a run of the mill workout space from a great workout space.

Add kettlebells to your setup and you’ll find they are fun, challenging, and rewarding.

And sexy.

Woman picking up a kettlebell from the floor - with excellent form.
Photo is totally relevant – it has a kettlebell in it.

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