Garage Gym Life – Why The Garage Gym Is Better

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Work out in a commercial gym or CrossFit box?

No way.

Join the Garage Gym Revolution.


No lines

No dues

No Air Conditioning

Well, it can’t all be rosy.

But it can all be hardcore.

Muscular fitness enthusiast flexing muscles
Get an awesome pump working out in your garage gym. This isn’t me but if I were 20 years younger, had muscles and low body fat – it could be.

Squat Rack In A Garage Gym
A Squat Rack is a Garage Gym Necessity. Nobody actually works out like this, but I’ve been dying to use this stock photo since I bought it.

A Dumbbell Rack is a great way to keep dumbbells organized

Battle Ropes - Cardio and Shoulder Pain all in one package
Has anyone every actually used battle ropes? It’s got to be cheaper than the Concept 2 SkiErg, right?

Arm Curls in the Garage Gym
Like to curl? Curl all you want – where ever you want – in your own Garage Gym. Squats be damned.

Tire Flipping builds strength and endurance
Flipping a tire is a great workout – if you are lucky enough to have one. (I’ll think of a wittier caption for this one later)

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