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Torque USA Spring Into Shape Sale

Let’s take a look at Torque USA Spring Into Shape Sale. Torque USA is offering items on sale at the lowest prices you’ll ever find this spring. Save on adjustable dumbbells, functional trainer, squat rack, and more as you Spring into Shape. LIMITED TIME DEALS (There’s more – click through and check out the web site): Torque USA Spring Into Shape Sale – Overview At a lower price, you can now personalize your home gym and give it a new look this spring. Some pieces of equipment from PlyoStack to Tank MX are on sale for up to 50% off. They are currently in stock and ready to ship on the day you order. Get the Tank MX on its Spring Into Shape Sale and have it delivered to your house free of shipping. The F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer is also on sale, and you can get a 20% discount when you buy it. Here is the list of more […]

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New Air Bike – Stealth from Torque

In the market for an air bike? Here’s a new option from Torque Fitness – the Stealth Air Bike is a rugged, beefy design. It has a passing resemblance to the Rogue Echo Bike – doesn’t it? An air bike provides you an indoor cardio exercise for a full-body workout. It works both your arms and legs and is equipped with a fan to generate wind resistance—the harder you pedal, the harder it gets. It is an effective way to burn fats and calories while also reducing stress and keeping you safe from road accidents. Get it now – only from Torque USA: Stealth Air Bike – Overview From the enormous tube and frame construction that provides added stability during sprints to arm bearings that are 22% bigger to sustain the most challenging use, you’ll see that the Stealth Air Bike was designed to provide hours upon hours of excellent performance. The Stealth Air Bike was built strong by design […]

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Gym Equipment Summer Sale Torque Fitness

Looking for a summer sale on gym equipment? Check out the deals in the Gym Equipment Summer Sale from Torque Fitness. Make the most of your fitness this summer with these big discounts from Torque Fitness. Save on your favorite pieces of equipment and the ones you have wanted to get for a long time now with the Gym Equipment Summer Sale. Get these deals while they last – from Torque: Gym Equipment Summer Sale – Overview Torque Fitness is an experienced team of strength and conditioning equipment specialists with more than 40 years of experience creating the most innovative and durable fitness equipment. They build strength training products that deliver distinctive features to satisfactorily meet customer needs than many of the look-alike strength products on the market. They always pursue the highest standards in fitness and life, and people, perseverance, and principles are the particular values at the forefront of Torque. This summer, Torque offers discounts for equipment like […]

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Torque Fitness Tanks Push Sleds

A sled is a fun (but tough) workout – check out the Torque Tank Push Sleds from Torque Fitness. Try push sleds if you want a different and more heightened level of variety and intensity to your workout routine. It is effective training for strength development, overall conditioning, enhancing your speed and acceleration, and burning calories. Many of the options available from Torque: Torque Tank Push Sleds – Overview What makes all TANK™ models unique is their ability to be run indoors or outdoors on any surface without scraping. With Torque tanks, you can also increase the resistance by pushing faster, so you can choose your resistance on the fly without stopping to load or unload plates. These tanks are bi-directional, eradicating the necessity to turn them around and decreasing the path width dedicated for TANK™ runs. With bursts of acceleration and speed of 14 minutes on the TANK™ can provide a workout equivalent to an hour on a treadmill. […]

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Assault Fitness Gym Equipment

Let’s take a look at the Assault Fitness Gym Equipment – the full line is now available from Torque USA. Assault Fitness designs and manufactures elite fitness equipment while creating opportunities to improve lives through fitness. They produce bikes, rowers, treadmills, AssaultRunner, and even apparel and accessories that are made to endure long and strenuous workouts. Get it from Torque: Assault Fitness Gym Equipment – Overview Assault Fitness manufactures cardio and conditioning equipment for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their collection consists of manual, curved-belt non-motorized treadmills, durable air bikes, and a powerful air rower that delivers endless resistance to pull against. These equipment are everywhere—home, garage, and public, commercial gyms. The air bikes and the rower utilize air as the resistance, matching tension and intensity, while the manual treadmills allow you to run fast. Equipment from Assualt Fitness is simple to use yet highly stable and durable and comes with a warranty. Their equipment is built to last and calls […]

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F9 Wall-Mounted Functional Trainer

Switching things up with a functional trainer – here’s the newF9 Wall-Mounted Functional Trainer. This is similar to Torques space-efficient folding functional trainer, but wall mounted instead. If all pieces of equipment disappear, and only one will remain, it’s got to be the functional trainer. A functional trainer is a giant cage full of weight stacks, pulleys, bars, and cables and allows you to perform a good deal of movements and exercises. Incorporate athletics-friendly functional training into your home gym: F9 Wall-Mounted Functional Trainer – Overview Being a multiplanar machine, a functional trainer mimics functional training movements in your everyday life. With it, you can do a bicep curl, lat pulldown, chest press, tricep extension, rows, squat variations, and more. The F9 Wall-Mounted Functional Trainer gives you an extra edge with its wall mount feature and allows you to save more space in your commercial or garage gym. The F9 is a full-body functional trainer that brings the elements and […]

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Adjustable Dumbbells from PowerBlock

When training with dumbbells you MUST have a set of weights to choose from. This is the foundation of progressive resistance training. Make it easy with these PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells. Free weight training builds muscle, loses weight, and develops functional strength, and a dumbbell is one of the best kinds of free weights. To increase your strength, you also need to improve your weight, which can sometimes be tricky, especially if you have limited space. This is where an adjustable dumbbell comes in. Get your training back on track with a full set of dumbbells: PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Gym – Overview Building a home gym is gratifying mentally and physically. You can get all the same benefits you will get in the gym minus the hassle of the traffic, and you can also save time. But if you are into strength training, you know that you will need a bit of strength equipment in your home gym. This […]

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Battle Ropes

Let’s take a look at Battle Ropes – this is a fun piece of equipment for your home gym or garage gym. Battle ropes provide an effective full-body workout within a short time frame, battle ropes are the answer. Battle ropes are thick ropes that are twisted around a pole or anchored with a strap and you get a workout through slams, throws, waves, jacks, and pulls. Get these great fitness tools for your garage gym now: Battle Rope Roundup – Overview Bring new energy and excitement to your workout with battle ropes. Using the same equipment day by day can get boring and becomes a struggle. With battle ropes, you’ll feel like playing swinging the rope around. But don’t let this fool you. Battle ropes come in different diameters and lengths to bring different levels of intensity to your workout. They target nearly all major muscle groups for a full body workout with just a single tool. When you […]