Fringe Sport 15 kg Womens Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell with an athlete
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Women’s Oly Barbells from Fringe Sport

Got garage gym? Let’s take a look at Women’s Barbells – like the Passion Pink and Purple Wonder Bars from Fringesport There are different barbells, and if you are a female weightlifter or just starting to lift, there is a barbell suitable for you. These bars are easier to grip since your hands can be smaller than men’s. They have a shorter shaft diameter but with the same power capabilities. Women’s Oly Barbells from Fringe Sport: Passion Pink and Purple Wonder Bars from Fringesport – Overview Passion and power are two strong words, and Fringe Sport incorporated them into the 15 kg Wonder Bars. These two words fit lifting, strength, and the journey perfectly. Most lifters are passionate and enthusiastic about their lifting and their gyms and gear, and they are always looking for something fresh to add to make it better. And even if it is only a few ounces more, the wave of power when you achieve that […]

Fringe Sport Commercial Squat Rack with a user
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Power Racks from Fringe Sport

Let’s take a look at Power Racks from Fringe Sport. A power rack is the answer if you want to complete your home gym and make real physical gains. It is a fundamental piece of fitness equipment frequently used for barbell exercises. A power rack is also recognized as the power cage or squat cage that consists of a steel cage where you stand while exercising. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Power Racks from Fringe Sport – Overview Squatting is usually linked to power racks, but you can still do other different exercises harmlessly inside them. You can do calf raises, bench press, deadlift, shoulder shrugs, lunges, bicep curls, bent-over row, and many more. A power rack is a helpful tool that can automatically spot you while doing these movements. Power racks are normally seen in commercial gyms, but now, you can also include them in your home garage or even in tight […]

Fringe Sport Savage Bumper Plates with a lifter
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Savage Bumper Plates from Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport just dropped some new Savage Bumper Plates. Bumper Plates have a notable status in Crossfit and Olympic workouts. When working out with bumper plates, the loaded barbell is dropped to the floor. The rubber in the plates decreases the shock and avoids harm to the flooring. They are safer to use in Olympic lifts, very durable, quieter, and versatile. They can also take some severe impact, and they’ll keep bouncing back. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Savage Bumper Plates – Overview The Savage Bumper Plates symbolize the ideology of never stopping, never giving up, and never backing down. Through these bumper plates, Fringe Sport wants to remind every athlete that it’s not about who can lift the most; it’s about how far you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Savage Bumper Plates are easy to notice because of their tiger streak colors all over them. Aside from the charm these colors […]

Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 30lb with a user
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Bonehead Ruck Weights from Fringe Sport

Here’s some crazy new options for adding weight to your rucksack – the Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates from Fringe Sport. What’s a ruck weight plate? It’s a compact (buy heavy) iron weight for turning your walk into a true workout. It goes in your rucksack (backpack) and helps bump up the intensity of your hike or walk (or run.) If you are someone who hates cardio exercises like burpees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, jumping ropes, or running but knows you need it for your health, the good news is there is an alternative way of doing cardio minus the jumps – rucking. If you haven’t heard of rucking before, it is as simple as getting a backpack, putting some weight or weight plates in it, putting it on, and start walking. You can also bring your dog with you. There’s different weights availabe. Check out the following for our sizing recommendations. Let’s take a closer look. Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates […]

Fringe Sport Bomba Barbell V3 - Black 20kg Mens with a user
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Bomba Bar V3 from Fringe Sport

Let’s take a look at the Bomba Barbell V3 from Fringe Sport. Barbells are fundamental to any home or commercial gym. It is a long metal bar that you can attach plates of differing weights at each end. It is used for weightlifting to gain more muscle mass, develop strength and power, and improve sports performance. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Bomba Barbell V3 from Fringe Sport – Overview Weightlifting has several benefits, and many athletes include this in their training because of its simplicity. You can smoothly change the weight from exercise to exercise, and you can slowly raise the amount you lift over time. Anyone who wants to build muscle and become stronger will begin their training plan with barbell exercises. Barbell lifts are often the basic training routine of any serious CrossFitter, weightlifter, bodybuilder, and powerlifter. There are different barbells, though, and each one has a different design and is […]

Fringe Sport Hells Bells Kettlebells with athletes
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Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells

Bring some fun to your garage gym with the Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells from Fringe Sport. Versatility and effectiveness are some of the important aspects of equipment that need to be considered when adding equipment to your gym or garage. Good thing kettlebells have both, and so much more. With kettlebells, you can do a surprisingly large number of exercises and movements to help build muscles, tone your body, and burn fats. Only from Fringe: Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells – Overview Dress up your gym with these uniquely designed kettlebells from Fringe Sport. They are not your typical-looking kettlebells yet they are distinguished-looking and hand painted, giving each one a unique look specifically for them. They are made of solid cast iron and coated in a black powder coat under the hand-painted makeup. These kettlebells can tolerate swings, lifts, stands, dances, or other workouts you prefer. The Hell’s ‘Bells Kettlebells bear the outstanding feature of having the same size with different weights. […]

Rogue Fitness TRX Battle Rope with an athlete
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Battle Ropes

Let’s take a look at Battle Ropes – this is a fun piece of equipment for your home gym or garage gym. Battle ropes provide an effective full-body workout within a short time frame, battle ropes are the answer. Battle ropes are thick ropes that are twisted around a pole or anchored with a strap and you get a workout through slams, throws, waves, jacks, and pulls. Get these great fitness tools for your garage gym now: Battle Rope Roundup – Overview Bring new energy and excitement to your workout with battle ropes. Using the same equipment day by day can get boring and becomes a struggle. With battle ropes, you’ll feel like playing swinging the rope around. But don’t let this fool you. Battle ropes come in different diameters and lengths to bring different levels of intensity to your workout. They target nearly all major muscle groups for a full body workout with just a single tool. When you […]

Rep Fitness Ares Attachment with an athlete
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New Rep Rack Builder

No real garage gym is complete without a power rack. Get this essential gym equipment using the new Rep Rack Builder – this interactive web page will help you build the power rack of your dreams! Fitness equipment plays a vital role in the quality of your workout, and upgrading them is also part of your fitness progress. A power rack is one of those advanced pieces of equipment that offers versatility and even safety. It is a single piece of equipment you can build up or customize for a more versatile workout. Try the interactive (3-D!) Rep Rack Builder for any of these excellent power racks: Rep Rack Builder – Overview Power racks are specifically developed to lift heavy weights without breaking or warping. Power racks from Rep Fitness have a 1,000lbs rackable capacity and come with different attachments, so you can build up your rack however you want. It is crucial to workout in a safe setting, and […]

Rep Fitness Apollo Half Rack with an athlete 2
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Half Racks for your Garage Gym

Real hard core garage gyms need a power rack or squat rack. But a big rack with a huge footprint will take up too much room. A great option for the limited space of your garage is a half rack. A half rack is a kind of squat rack used for various exercises and helps you be proficient in front, back, hack, and sumo squats. Other types of squat racks include a full rack, power rack, incline rack, and more. But in this article, we will focus on the half rack. Save your precious garage gym floor space with any of these half racks: Half Racks for your Garage Gym – Overview A half rack is half the size of a full rack with posts secured to a solid base with no top. There is more flexibility when it comes to a half rack. A half rack also has adjustable J-cups like a full rack that enable you to set […]

Rep Fitness Oxylus Yoke with an athlete 5
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Oxylus Yoke

Let’s take a look at the new Oxylus Yoke for strongman training. A yoke is a gigantic metal frame with a crossbar, and all four corners of the frame can be stacked with weight. There are different types of yoke, and others are not as versatile as the others. Take a look and see how the Oxylus Yoke is different from other yokes in terms of functionality. From the minds at Rep Fitness, get this essential strongman training equipment: Oxylus Yoke – Overview A classic piece of Strongman equipment, the Oxylus Yoke not only packs tons of multi-functionality in one frame but also comes with a REP twist—you can transform it into a squat rack, sled, and deadlift carry. It is assembled with a heavy-duty 3×3” 11-gauge steel frame that is bigger, heavier, and more powerful than other yokes. The yoke comes in two sizes: 77” and 92” tall. The 77” yoke alone weighs 230lbs with weight horns, and the […]