King Kong Apparel CORE25 Backpack desert worn
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CORE25 Gym Backpack from King Kong Apparel

Got gym gear? Carry those Oly lifters and belt in style with the CORE25 Backpack. Weightlifters and powerlifters will no longer have to worry about their bulky lifting belts taking so much space inside their gym bags. Here is a clever solution from King Kong Apparel that is prepared to perform and guaranteed to work hard. Get it now from King Kong Apparel: CORE25 Backpack – Overview A lifting belt relieves stress on the lower back while you are in an upright position, and it avoids back hyperextension during overhead lifts. It also helps novices to squeeze their ab muscles appropriately. It is for these reasons that a lifting belt plays an essential role in the life of a lifter. But we also know that carrying and putting it inside your bag takes up a lot of space. King Kong Apparel came up with the CORE25 Backpack to solve this problem. It has a unique and specially designed lifting belt […]

Fringe Sport 15 kg Womens Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell with an athlete
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Women’s Oly Barbells from Fringe Sport

Got garage gym? Let’s take a look at Women’s Barbells – like the Passion Pink and Purple Wonder Bars from Fringesport There are different barbells, and if you are a female weightlifter or just starting to lift, there is a barbell suitable for you. These bars are easier to grip since your hands can be smaller than men’s. They have a shorter shaft diameter but with the same power capabilities. Women’s Oly Barbells from Fringe Sport: Passion Pink and Purple Wonder Bars from Fringesport – Overview Passion and power are two strong words, and Fringe Sport incorporated them into the 15 kg Wonder Bars. These two words fit lifting, strength, and the journey perfectly. Most lifters are passionate and enthusiastic about their lifting and their gyms and gear, and they are always looking for something fresh to add to make it better. And even if it is only a few ounces more, the wave of power when you achieve that […]