American Barbell Ballistic Wall Ball 2.0 details
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Wall Balls from American Barbell

Guess who has got a lot of balls? American Barbell. No matter whether you want a Med Ball, Slam Ball, or Wall Ball– they’ve got what you need. Wall Balls are used in throwing exercises and are thrown at a wall. They have a durable shell that helps keep their shape. Wall ball exercise is a functional, full-body workout that helps increase your power, challenge every muscle in your body, and crush your core. Check them out – the newest wall balls are right at the top: Wall Balls from American Barbell – Overview How is a wall ball different from a slam ball and medicine ball? Aside from being thrown at the wall, a wall ball is also the largest of the three weighted balls. You can do exercises like side throws, overhead wall ball tosses, and crunch throws with a wall ball. A slam ball, on the other hand, is designed to be used for throwing exercises. It […]

Rep Fitness Color Bumper Plates various colors
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Beat the Summer Blues with a Garage Gym by Rep Fitness

Those who fear the long, hot, lazy summertime may be suffering from SAD or seasonal affective disorder. Fatigue, low energy, changes in taste and sleep, loss of interest in activities you once relished, and trouble concentrating are some of the symptoms of summer blues. One of the best ways to fight this disorder is to move around and workout. Here’s some great gear for your home or garage gym: Beat the Summer Blues – Overview SAD is a major depressive disorder hitting about 5% of Americans during the winter months. It is assumed that like winter depression, summer depression has a biological basis or a predisposition. It may be associated with how much seasonal light there is, which influences neurotransmitters in the brain. Fighting with SAD can be difficult. Weather is not something you can control or change, but you can do something to cope with it. Poor sleep and SAD are connected. It is crucial to create a sleep […]

Reebok Nano X1 Rothco red quarter view back pair
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Nano X1 Rothco

Here’s the newest Reebok Nano X1 – this is a collaboration with tactical gear maker Rothco. Reebok and Rothco, a tactical and outdoor clothing brand, joined forces and announced their collaboration last August 16. They reimagined Reebok’s most iconic fitness silhouettes, the Nano X1, and came up with a limited collection through Rothco’s ultra-functional, military lens. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Reebok Nano X1 Rothco – Overview Rothco has been an icon in the military gear space for more than a century, with roots in making functional gear just like Reebok. It has made its mark in the fashion and lifestyle space over the years and has noticeable camo designs that have become a cult favorite. In this collection, Nano X1 gets Rothco’s signature camo treatment in three different colorways: Ultra Violet Camo, Red, White, and Blue Camo, and City Camo. The unisex silhouette highlights some minor changes inspired by Rothco’s military and outdoor […]

Assault Fitness AssaultRower Elite quarter front right
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AssaultRower Elite

There’s a new rower in town – here’s the AssaultRower Elite from Assault Fitness (makers of the assault bike!) Some people think that the arms are the only body parts that work when rowing. Rowing is actually a full-body workout that uses most muscles, specifically the upper back, arms, pecs, abdominal muscles, and obliques. It is an intense workout that also works the heart to carry more blood to the body. Rowing also invigorates and strengthens the leg muscles such as the glutes, calves, and quadriceps. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: AssaultRower Elite – Overview AssaultRower Elite, the best-in-class rower on the market, has a solid steel frame construction, innovative design, and commercial-grade durability. This machine is ideal for cardio, endurance training, and HIIT and provides a total body workout as it challenges and tones any physique. The AssaultRower was created by professional athletes and trainers who have tested the world’s best fitness equipment […]

Nike Savaleos quarter view left
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Nike Savaleos Oly Lifter

Here’s a new color option for the Nike Savaleos. There are different shoes for different workouts. What makes the Savaleos different is they can be used in different workouts as well as weightlifting. This makes this shoe functional and a great option for entry-level weightlifters and athletes that want a weightlifting shoe for more versatile training. The Savaleos is an Olympic weighlifting shoe. It’s lighter, has less heel raise, and is overall less extreme as compared to the Romaleos 4. It’s also cheaper by about $80 – check for yourself: Nike Savaleos – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Here’s an earlier colorway of the shoe: Nike Savaleos – Overview Compared to the Romaleos, the Savaleos have a reduced heel height, so you won’t feel strange transitioning from the barbell to gymnastic/endurance movements. The lower heel drop increases demand on your mobility which produces more mobility gains during training. The padded mesh inset at […]

Torque Fitness Endless Rope Trainer with a user
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Endless Rope Trainer from Torque Fitness

Here’s the innovative Endless Rope Trainer from Torque Fitness. The Endless Rope Machine grants endless workout possibilities and is safe for everyone. You can target cardio, endurance, strength, and power all in one piece of equipment. This is more of an upper-body workout, but it can also give you a total body workout when done in different positions and grips. Here’s where you can get the Endless Rope Trainer Endless Rope Trainer – Overview The Endless Rope Trainer uses innovative magnetic force resistance to enable competitive bi-directional movements, the same technology from Torque’s TANK All-Surface Sled line. Fabricated for functionality and durability and crafted for unlimited performance, XERT is double-braided and wrapped around pivoting, adjustable rollers to assure functional and effective execution. It has four selectable resistance settings and is constructed with a detachable lanyard to cautiously optimize resistance adjustments when the rope trainer is mounted at a significant height. The faster you pull, the harder the resistance is, giving […]

Nike React Metcon Turbo side view left
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Nike React Metcon Turbo in New Colorway

There’s a new colorway available of the Nike React Metcon Turbo from Nike. Stability and responsiveness make Nike React Metcon Turbo popular in cross-training, be it HIIT training, lifting, short runs, agility, and plyometric workouts. Every detail is trimmed down to reduce weight, from the cushioning underfoot to the rope wrap at the instep while maximizing function and durability. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike React Metcon Turbo – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: Nike React Metcon Turbo – Overview Nike React Metcon Turbo uses lighter, more robust materials that are built for speed and strength. It highlights an asymmetric structure to support its performance and durability. The revamped upper is breathable and maneuverable, and the instep is thin and lightweight but still sturdy to control abrasion. The mesh on the outer part keeps it breathable during high-heat sets. […]