Your Gym Sucks - Reasons the Garage Gym Rules
Garage Gym

Your Gym Sucks – Reasons the Garage Gym Rules

Membership at the globogym? No way – too crowded, and too many gym-idiots. Membership at the local CrossFit box? No thanks. It costs too much, the hours are odd, and they really don’t let you do your own thing. Face it – your gym sucks. So make your own garage gym. Let me convince you. There’s a myriad of reasons to DIY – Do It Yourself. Let’s dive right in. No Fees! The garage gym has no sign-up fees, no late fees, no early cancellation fees, and no contracts. No punch cards, no drop-in fees, no parking fees. And where is that money going anyways? Probably to finance a whole bunch of crap you’ll never use – treadmills, a variety of arcane cable machines, and that weird thigh-master thing. We all know barbell, dumbbell/kettlebells, and body weight are all you really need for EFFECTIVE exercise that gets results. So let’s skip all that garbage – and save that money. What […]